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We are an online provider of information and services for the English Speaking Community, living, working, studying or just visiting Cluj-Napoca. Our Cluj-Napoca.XYZ Jobs website, is targeted towards the English Speakers that are seeking jobs in this city, and the companies that wish to recruit English Speaking talent.

Although there are many job board solutions throughout Romania, there are no job boards that are specifically tailored to English speakers, and the usage of such job boards can often be confusing or difficult for some users, especially as not all areas of the website are provided in English.

We aim for this website to be the one-stop-shop for English Speakers looking to find jobs, develop their careers or connect with professionals.

The Bigger Picture

Cluj-Napoca.XYZ Jobs, is just one part of the Cluj-Napoca.XYZ service. We span other areas of important topics, such as real estate, news and information, advertising and promotion as well as reviews of local businesses, companies and services.

We’ve been taking huge steps to ensure that we are able to provide an easy-to-use interface for both the people seeking information and the people providing the information, and pride ourselves on being able to present this on an elegant and modern platform, accessible to anyone.


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Any jobs posted to Cluj-Napoca.XYZ Jobs is automatically shared to social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to being posted to our Facebook page, job posts are sent directly to the Cluj-Napoca Jobs Facebook Group with over 7,500 members!


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Although we’re a new job board, we have learned a lot from the sites that have been doing it for a while, and improved our system to allow you to improve your chances of making the right connections

We’re affordable.

If it weren’t for our overheads, we’d do most of this for free, as our primary purpose is to help the English Speakers in Cluj-Napoca, make the most of their experiences here and build their lives.

However, if we are going to continue providing excellent services and resources to our community members, we have to charge for what we do, just not as much as some of the other websites out there!

We’re better value.

Not just do we charge you less, but we actually give you more. For example, you can even post jobs on our website for FREE, but you’ll get even better value with our paid packages.


More importantly, we are specifically aimed at the English Speakers in Cluj-Napoca. This means that anyone who joins our website, has already fulfilled at least one of your criteria, which results in a much higher chance of recruiting the correct person for your vacancy.

Our Goal

Our goal, is to create an online community for people living, working or simply visiting Cluj-Napoca, Romania and offering them a place to discover what the city has to offer.

We want for our visitors to be able to find everything they need, in one place, with Cluj-Napoca.xyz being the “one-stop-shop” for events, news, local businesses and services, transport and accommodation as well as access to important information about living and staying in Cluj-Napoca.



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